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Making a Shoot From Below Water Drop Setup

As water drop photography grew popularity, there has been many innovations about making water collide and splash. One such technique is the so called “Shoot From Below” setup. Basically, this technique utilizes pressurized or compressed air to push water jet up and then collide with water drop falling from above, the result can be astonishing.

img_2605Here is one example of Shoot From Below technique — yellow jets are shot from below with pressurized air tank and collide with red drops from above

This might sounds very expensive to do, but in actuality, it is not and it is safe, too.¬† more …

Making Multi-Color Crown With One Valve

Admittedly, I did not do any crown shaped drop collision until two years after I started water drop photography even though it is relatively easy to do. A crown drop collision looks something like this and I am going to describe some steps to get this kind of collision:

wd_01This is a typical Crown collision

This type of collision is not caused by two streams of liquid, but only one stream of drops and a hard surface. more …

Getting Wine Glass Shaped Water Drop Collision

When I first started water drop photography, I struggled a bit even though I designed my own water drop equipment. After figuring out how to get guaranteed collisions described in Guaranteed Water Drop Collision post, I wanted more. I accidentally stumble upon one shape that looks like wine glass and I liked it a lot.


It was illusive at first, I was not able to repeat it. But eventually, I figured it out. more …

Guaranteed Water Drop Collision

Did you say guaranteed splash with MJKZZ WDK? Yes! This actually works for any other water drop equipment, as long as it has a digital reading, not just limited to MJKZZ WDK. For beginners in water drop photography, getting the first water drop collision is very exciting, as I was, but getting collisions consistently is something many beginners struggle with and it takes some time and patience.


But there is a way to do so! more …