Getting Wine Glass Shaped Water Drop Collision

When I first started water drop photography, I struggled a bit even though I designed my own water drop equipment. After figuring out how to get guaranteed collisions described in Guaranteed Water Drop Collision post, I wanted more. I accidentally stumble upon one shape that looks like wine glass and I liked it a lot.


It was illusive at first, I was not able to repeat it. But eventually, I figured it out. more …

Guaranteed Water Drop Collision

Did you say guaranteed splash with MJKZZ WDK? Yes! This actually works for any other water drop equipment, as long as it has a digital reading, not just limited to MJKZZ WDK. For beginners in water drop photography, getting the first water drop collision is very exciting, as I was, but getting collisions consistently is something many beginners struggle with and it takes some time and patience.


But there is a way to do so! more …